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  1. Looking for a great RR pup. You’re dogs look wonderful. Im retired, a runner and have a lot of dog experience. Can you please(time allowing) let me know if you are going to have pups soon? Thank you for your time. Guy


    1. Guy
      Thank-you for your interest in Neema Ridgebacks.
      I am not sure when you sent this email but I am wondering if you are still interested in a puppy.
      I can be reached at 619-669-1787
      Thanks again,
      Peggy Davis


  2. Hello,

    I am looking for a RR puppy. I had a RR and he passed away last year. He was an amazing dog. Myself, bf, and his dogs are ready for a new friend to join our family.



  3. William E Olmstead May 9, 2019 — 4:28 pm

    9 May 2019. Hi, we’re looking to add a puppy to our family. Our Montenegrin Lab (13) is only good for a short walk, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever (9) is limited to short runs, and the Ghanaian little mutt is crazy. We’re looking to add another member to our family to go on adventures. All of our current manangerie are female so we would prefer a female puppy. When might you have one available?


    1. William
      Thank-you for contacting us.
      We are hoping to breed our Grand Champion this Summer.
      Please call me when you wish


    2. William
      I’m not sure my message was sent.
      I would like to speak to you about upcoming litter.
      Peggy Davis


  4. Hello,

    My name is Wendy Weiss and I am previous RR owner. We are a very active family and live on 4 acres in Avila Beach with trail access and close beaches. I would love to have another RR. They are my favorite breed and I am missing my running buddy. Thank you for your time


  5. My husband and I are very interested in a RR. Our friends have one and we fell in love. We are retired and very active. We are hoping that you may have a litter available in the near future. We live nearby in east Chula Vista.
    Sincerely, Mike and Dede Bliven


    1. Thank you for contacting us. We are hoping to breed Jelly when she comes into season. Please email me at neemapep@cox.net and we can set up a time to meet.
      Peggy Davis


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